Ways to Create a Stylish Small Home Office

Consider hideaway options

If you don’t want your home office area to be visible 24/7, then consider what you can create behind closed doors. This hideaway approach will be a bespoke option, but it would be perfect for those who hate clutter, or those who only occasionally need a home office set-up, and will help maintain the clean lines of contemporary spaces.

Think dual purpose

When space is at a premium, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to be able to dedicate a whole room to a home office, so it’s worth thinking about how you can create multiple uses for your space. Here, it's achieved with a Mid-century style desk in a vintage-feel bedroom – the perfect homework spot.

Underused space

No one said that home offices had to be self contained spaces. Thinking outside of the four walls concept, if you have any wasted space (under stairs, large landings, hallways, kitchens or dining rooms), this could be the ideal place for your home office.

Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid painting a room without testing the color

It’s critical that you test out paint color variations in your room before you commit. For example, painted greys often look bluer than they looked at the paint store.

Avoid overlooking the entryway

The entryway to your home is the first thing that people see and feel when they enter your home; from this space, they will largely draw conclusions about the rest of your home.

Avoid using same fabric around the living room

While once a decorating thing, matching fabrics for all parts of a room is actually borderline tacky. Of course, this doesn’t mean your fabrics shouldn’t coordinate – they absolutely should.

How to improve the lighting in your space


Its also called general lighting, and its the overhead lighting meant to evenly illuminate a room.


As its name suggests, task lighting is meant to light a specific task. A lamp in the living room might light a reading area. Under-cabinet lights in a kitchen serve as task lights for countertops.


Accent lights are meant to highlight a particular object. You might see them on painting, for example.

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